About Us

Upselling and cross selling to your customers is the easiest revenue a company can get. Yet account managers have no good tools to help them do their jobs. Because they have no tool to call their own, their job ends up being reactive instead of proactive. That's why we are building Callypso.
Michael Tuso
Co-Founder and CEO
Kristiyan Ivanov
Co-Founder and CTO
Kristiyan and Michael met while working at a startup called Chili Piper. Kristiyan worked on the engineering side and Michael worked to build out the sales team. Ever since Michael first started selling he noticed that it was difficult for teams to figure out how to grow and expand customers once they landed them. He and the team members he managed over the years felt like all of the tools were built for net logo acquisition teams instead of focusing on customer growth.
This made no sense, given that it is easy to generate more revenue from people who have already bought from you and it is equally important to care from them. When digging deeper, the pair found that B2B companies everywhere lack the enablement their teams need to be successful–often storing vital information in Google docs or not at all. Callypso was born on the premise of identifying and helping companies expand and retain their customer base, and in doing so became the first company to call itself The Net Revenue Retention Company.

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