Revenue Expansion and Retention for Account Managers

Generate more revenue through up selling and cross selling into your book of business. Retain customers by being proactive.

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Relationship and Portfolio Management

Callypso helps account managers understand and track customer relationships and account data in one place. Instead of logging into many tools to get basic information, account managers can consolidate their tools by using Callypso.


Callypso gives B2B account managers piece of mind by helping renew in a much more proactive way.

Expand your portfolio

Increase the contract value of all of your accounts through repeatable cross sell and upsell. Expand everywhere possible into your existing accounts.

Net revenue retention

It’s getting more expensive to acquire new customers. This makes it even more important to increase the contract value once an account becomes a customer.

Callypso helps you systematically increase NRR through proactive selling and retention to your customer base.

Callypso has achieved SOC2 Type 1 accreditation.